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Johnny Chopper aka Gary Winmill

I fell in love with motorcycles in the '70's watching Evel Knievel jumping cars, buses and canyons on TV. My Dad always had a bike back then too which was a big influence. I then fell for BMX in the late '70's and started racing in 1979. I raced and freestyled until 1985 and rode for many sponsors including Factory Redline and Factory Skyway for 4 years which I am most remembered for. I continued freestyle in '85/86 and raced for another year from sometime in '88 to '89 riding my own fabricated frame for a short while then for Free Agent Australia. I started racing again in 2007 on my own frames and still race occasionally


I built my first BMX handlebars in 1984 at the age of 17 and my first frame in 1988. I didn't build my next bicycle frame again until 1994 being a Chopper style frame with a foward BB. Just under 20 original Johnny Chopper frame/forks were made in the '90's, including a handful of complete bikes and custom dragsters. I have owned many MX and road motorcycles over the years and got into Harleys in the very early '90's. I restored a few and customised a few more for myself and helped mates with their builds. I also built 7 Harley ridid frames and 2 swingarm frames back in the '90's. My last custom flat 80ci flathead ended up in Japan. I am a Sheet Metal Worker and Boilermaker/Welder by trade and a self taught frame builder.


After restoring a '38 Knucklehead and selling it in 2002. I didn't start making bicycle parts again until 2004, making some forks and doing repairs in my grandfathers old cooking shed in Cleveland where he used to cook crabs when I was a kid. From that point I have maintained the Johnny Chopper brand both full time and part time and continue to do so today.



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